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Megalite lighting industries, a pioneer in lighting solutions, aim to align their product offerings in accordance with requirements of various lighting applications as well as the ever-evolving technologies to fulfil our customer needs. Industrial high-bay applications are no exception and through understanding such clients concerns regarding implementing efficient, robust and up-to-date lighting solutions, Megalite is delighted to introduce HERCULED S, an optimized and new generation of the better known HERCULED high bay luminaire.
HERCULED S high efficacy (up to 160 lm/W), courtesy of the new generation of LED modules, has paved the way for a reduction in luminaire size and weight, while improved lumen packages make further power saving possible; making HERCULED S a highly efficient and sustainable option in comparison to its counterparts.
HERCULED S is offered in 100 and 150-Watt versions, with narrow, medium or wide beam angles, and 4000K or 6500K CCTs. High ingress protection IP66, ambient operating temperature range of -30°C to +55°C, and high mechanical impact resistance IK09 are among the highlights of this luminaire, making HERCULED S an excellent option for high-bay lighting applications in industrial environments.
HERCULED S High/Low Bay Luminaire


It took humankind centuries to come to the fact that the sparkling shiny dots that glamorously decorate the night sky are not just glimmering stars but, galaxies far away; a discovery that bore an impact of sufficient magnitude to forever change the way we perceive the universe entirely. Megalite lighting industries aims to do the same for how modular floodlights are perceived and expected to perform with GALAXY modular floodlight.
GALAXY modular floodlight offers a reliable and unique solution for lighting wide areas outdoors such as shipyards, airports, and sport venues. The mighty floodlight can deliver over 110,000 lumens by a single fixture, deservedly earning the right to its name. Flat clear tempered glass diffuser, sturdy steel swivel base, possibility to adjust each optical compartment separately, ingress protection (IP66), protection against voltage surges, and easy maintenance are among the long list of highlights of GALAXY.
GALAXY modular floodlight is offered in 2, 3 and 4-block versions with 3000K, 4000K or 6500K CCTs and symmetrical narrow or medium beam angle.
GALAXY Modular Floodlight

ELEGANCE with Low UGR Diffuser

It is always a pleasant challenge to match the right luminaire with the lighting application. In order to provide lighting designers with a few extra options, especially for applications which require optimal glare control, Megalite is proud to announce ELEGANCE back-lit luminaire with Low UGR diffuser.
ELEGANCE recessed and surface mount/suspended luminaire is suitable for offices, commercial, educational or healthcare buildings, etc. The linear LED modules with built-in lenses, light the diffuser surface evenly while the diffuser provides optimal glare control and visual comfort. ELEGANCE, as a back-lit luminaire is especially a good fit for places that require lighting throughout the day, such as hospitals, banks, supermarkets, etc.
The minimalist approach towards luminaire design and the uniformly-lit diffuser surface help ELEGANCE fit seamlessly within other elements of the space, regardless of the interior design or application. Also, various shape, size, and mounting capabilities provide designers with a handful of extra options while taking on a lighting project. The special mechanisms implemented in ELEGANCE brackets and electrical compartments make it possible to install the luminaire single-handedly and tool-free.
ELEGANCE recessed and surface mount/suspended back-lit luminaire is offered in 4500 and 7000-lumen 60x60 and 30x120, and 2200-lumen 30x30 variants with 4000 or 6500K CCTs.
ELEGANCE surface mount or suspended Low-UGR luminaire ELEGANCE recessed Low-UGR luminaire


When it comes to designing retail shops, it is vital to consider the important role that proper lighting plays in setting an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for customers. Lighting is a powerful tool to attract customers and motivate them towards making a purchase. In this regard, ADENA multi-downlight provides the opportunity at retail shops to improve the presentation of products and services and to better highlight their features.
Directed light distribution with polycarbonate lens, adjustable optical compartments, and higher than 80 color rendering index (CRI), make ADENA well-suited for use in spotlight applications in modern retail shops. ADENA is offered in black or black-and-white single or double LED compartment (30-watt or 60-watt) variants, with 3000 or 4000K CCTs.
ADENA Recessed Multi-Downlight


A lot depends on quality of lighting when it comes to showcasing objects. City landscapes and their architectural elements including buildings, bridges, statues and urban landmarks are no exception.
The new Megalite facade spot light, ATRIA, is designed to address such applications. ATRIA benefits from clear polycarbonate lenses; precisely designed by Megalite. ATRIA also benefits from a minimal design that allows the luminaire to blend in easily within building facade. Some other highlights of ATRIA include no visible screw on the front side, powder coated steel adjustable handle, and nano-coated clear glass diffuser.
ATRIA is offered in 3000K or Amber variants with narrow or medium beam angle and milk white or black powder coating.
ATRIA spot facade light


Trends in the office and educational environments call for great innovations in lighting industry, combining the lighting and architectural elements. In this regard, BRILLIANCE recessed and surface mount/suspended Low UGR Luminaire introduces golden opportunity for providing excellent visual comfort and sophisticated looks in these modern environments.
Thanks to its brilliant light along with excellent glare control due to using shaders, high efficacy, and uniform light distribution, BRILLIANCE is the ideal luminaire for the most varied visual tasks in modern offices, galleries, meeting rooms, and educational buildings, compared to the conventional recessed backlit luminaires, meeting all aspects of lighting requirements. When it comes to appearance, the modern and minimalist approach in this luminaire’s design opens the door for lighting designers when taking a lighting project.
BRILLIANCE recessed and surface mount/suspended backlit luminaire is offered in 4500, 6500, and 8500-lumen 60x60 variants with 4000K CCT.
BRILLIANCE low UGR surface mount BRILLIANCE low UGR recessed

OPTiLED (62-Watt versions)

OPTiLED redefines "beauty in simplicity". The latest additions to this product family include 62-watt recessed and surface mount luminaire in 60x60 and 30x120 variants, which further expand the already versatile product family’s scope of application making it possible to adequately address various lighting tasks in modern shops, offices, commercial buildings, etc.
Offering various size options and recessed, surface mount or suspended installation capability, enables designers to provide fitting solutions for different lighting tasks in various applications and spaces with different dimensions and architecture. Implementing backlight linear LED modules and clear acrylic lenses in OPTiLED, enables it to provide a balanced and uniform ambient illumination. The use of separate lenses on each chip has not only helped maintain a uniform luminosity over the surface of the diffuser, but also made it possible to reduce the height of the luminaire and thus, OPTiLED with its modern and elegant design, has become a distinguished product among its peers.
OPTiLED Recessed versions OPTiLED Surface mount or Suspended versions

Comfort ARIANA

Following the success of the in-demand ARIANA downlight, and to further expand the product portfolio, Megalite introduces Comfort ARIANA downlight. The newly designed downlight inherits every better aspect of the well-known ARIANA downlight and adds an enhanced control over obtrusive light, enabling many new exciting possibilities for lighting engineers and interior designers. Comfort ARIANA benefits from sturdy die-cast aluminum housing, well-made and durable electrical components, and an elegant and modern design, making it a perfect fit for applications where glare control is of prime importance such as conference rooms, design and drawing rooms, galleries, etc.
Comfort ARIANA Recessed Downlight

LEDiA Surface Mount Luminaire

LEDiA surface mount luminaire, Megalite state of the art design for sanitary areas, aims for an exciting and pleasurable experience of looking into a mirror. To make sure that the luminaire delivers in this regard, a flicker free DOB-LED module with 80+ CRI and neutral-white-4000K CCT is implemented right behind the satin white polycarbonate diffuser for a natural and glare-free experience of looking into mirror.
LEDiA benefits from single-piece co-extruded body and diffuser and offers high ingress protection against dust and moisture, IP65. The use of highly resistant stainless steel mounting clamps expands on luminaire’s durability and resilience even more, making it a perfect fit for rest rooms and sanitary areas.
LEDiA surface mount


Implementing proper lighting solutions in urban spaces promotes not only safety and security, but also an attractive and fresh night-time look, improving citizen’s night-time experience, enhancing the urban landscapes and providing safety. ASTERIA, a combination of aesthetics and state of the art technology in modern urban lighting, is suitable for various urban lighting scenarios such as urban collector streets, side streets, alleys, walking and bicycle paths as well as the areas around buildings.
The tool-free access mechanism to electrical compartment of the luminaire and the adjustable spigot, allows the easy installation of the ASTERIA on both horizontal and vertical poles. Low maintenance and long service life, a compact and robust high pressure die-cast aluminum body, high ingress protection (IP66), high efficacy, and specially designed polycarbonate lenses providing a precisely fit-for-task light are among many distinguishing features of ASTERIA.
ASTERIA M, the most recent addition to ASTERIA product family, is offered in 37, 52 and 70-watt versions with 3000K and 4000K CCTs. These new variants expand upon the ASTERIA street light application to include wider range of urban alleys and streets and urban collector streets.
ASTERIA S Urban Light ASTERIA M Urban Light


SATURN product family has been designed with different outdoor applications in mind. Whether it is lighting streets, highways, tunnels or open areas outdoors, SATURN offers a unique solution to the lighting task at hand.
SATURN streetlight range includes adjustable models, models for horizontal boom entry, and models for vertical U-shaped boom entry that enables SATURN to be used with various mounting brackets and poles. SATURN with its many shapes, colors and CCTs, can fit just fine within urban furniture to give cities a more elegant look, during both day and night.
SATURN luminaire for tunnels comes with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution options and different models that are suitable to be installed on tunnels middle trays or corner trays.
SATURN family’s newest addition, SATURN floodlight, is designed specifically for lighting towers and high masts, offering new SATURN solutions for outdoor lighting applications.
SATURN floodlight SATURN street light SATURN luminaire for tunnels


LEDiSUN pendant dust & moisture proof high/low Bay luminaire is Megalite state of the art design suitable for industrial areas, aircraft hangars, indoor sports complexes and exhibition halls.
The implementation of a single-piece polycarbonate lens instead of a glass diffuser has not only resulted in a much lighter luminaire, but also allows for it to be used in applications where there are limitations for using glass. LEDiSUN boasts a sturdy high pressure die-cast aluminum body, an ingress protection of IP65, and a terminal box with high pressure die-cast aluminum lid with looping capability.
The latest additions to LEDiSUN family are the S (100 watts) and XL (280 watts) versions. LEDiSUN S is, like other versions, applicable in industrial high/low bay lighting applications while introducing the opportunity to be used in lighting hypermarkets and chain stores and further extending LEDiSUN family’s scope of application.
LEDiSUN Dust and moisture proof luminaire Decorative LEDiSUN

POLARIS floodlight (XS)

With the latest addition of 20-watt model, POLARIS family is now available in 20, 40, 60, 80, and 120-watt models so nothing is left behind when it comes to floodlighting applications. This simple-looking yet elegantly slim floodlight brings together several different qualities such as aesthetics, long service life and different mounting possibilities to offer a compact and versatile floodlighting solution for a range of applications such as lighting objects in fairs, indoor or outdoor billboards, parking lots, and other outdoor open areas. Various brackets are available for mounting POLARIS on poles and hollows which, open up many different mounting possibilities and further extend the floodlight’s flexibility.
POLARIS is offered with powder coated sturdy high pressure die-cast aluminum body in gray or milk white and LED module with 4000 and 6500K CCTs.
POLARIS floodlight (XS) POLARIS floodlight

ARTEMIS (Trimless)

ARTEMIS modern recessed downlight (Darklight) is designed and manufactured by Megalite with architects and interior designers’ needs and musts in mind. With the aid of special optics used in ARTEMIS, the cut-off angle of the downlight has been improved greatly, reducing its UGR rating to less than 10 and making it a super comfort downlight. Well-hidden light source and no perceptible glare in ARTEMIS, allows for a lighting design where the light does not interfere with users’ vision, offers excellent visual comfort and establishes its reputation as a “Darklight” luminaire, making it an exciting choice for architects and interior designers.
ARTEMIS latest versions are offered as recessed trimless downlights to address applications where the design calls for maximum flexibility in architectural design or a luminaire so discrete that it would not be noticed easily, unless glanced upon directly.
ARTEMIS Trimless Downlight All ARTEMIS versions

Comfort DIANA

As a successor of DIANA downlight, Comfort DIANA recessed downlight, incorporates strengths of its predecessor with excellent glare control and, like ARTEMIS, ranks among a new generation of downlights that not only benefit from durable optical and electrical components and housing, but also perform excellently in terms of glare control.
Anodized aluminum reflectors in reflector models, special Low-UGR diffuser in diffuser versions and an aluminum shader in all models, limit Comfort DIANA’s UGR rating to a maximum of 13 (except for 34 watt-reflector models with a UGR rating of less than 19), making it a suitable fit for offices and educational and commercial buildings; especially, where glare control is of prime importance.
All Comfort DIANA versions

Decorative LEDiSUN

Decorative LEDiSUN, suitable for lighting large retail stores, hyper markets and exhibitions, gives more diversity to LEDiSUN product line. Decorative LEDiSUN uses the same lens as LEDiSUN with a 90 degree beam angle but, the inclusion of an aluminum reflector -which improves glare control-, an electrical kit painted same color as luminaire housing and wire ropes -instead of chain and suspension hook-, makes Decorative LEDiSUN better suited for commercial areas.
Similar to LEDiSUN, optical compartment and the terminal box on the luminaire are IP65 rated. Mounting kit and galvanized wire rope guaranty safe suspension of the luminaire up to 2 meters.
LEDiSUN dust and moisture proof luminaire Decorative LEDiSUN


ARIANA round and square downlight is designed and manufactured by Megalite in various sizes and recessed and surface mount versions for different office and commercial lighting applications. The minimal, slim and aesthetically beautiful design of the downlight along with various available sizes and shapes makes it suitable for lighting applications in spaces with different application and design.
ARIANA family latest variants including a 6-centimeter diameter round downlight with reflector and 20*20 recessed and surface mount square downlights in two different wattages are offered with DOB-LED modules with 4000 or 6500K CCT and higher than 80 color rendering index (CRI).
ARIANA Recessed Downlight ARIANA Surface mount Downlight


NEPTUNE bulkhead luminaire is designed for lighting corridors, parking lots, building entrances and public commute spaces. NEPTUNE’s built-in microwave motion sensor eliminates the need for manual switching. Light will be turned on upon detecting a presence within an approximately 7-meter radius of the luminaire, for a specified period of time according to the sensor settings (5 seconds, 30 seconds, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes). No manual switching, especially in public environments, is better in terms of hygiene. Also, keeping the light on, only when needed, can help increase luminaire lifetime while saving energy. With an ingress protection rated at IP65, NEPTUNE can be used in indoor or canopied outdoor areas while a variety of CCT choices make it an eligible option for almost any type of application.
All NEPTUNE versions


MAGNOLIA is a minimally designed park light with a familiar and eye catching classic look. MAGNOLIA’s aesthetic minimal design along with its optical characteristics such as higher than 80 color rendering index (CRI) and flicker-free lighting, provide new opportunities for lighting designers to meet the lighting requirements of a specific project in various outdoor and park light applications such as parks, plazas, pedestrian pathways, etc. The significant reduction in the weight of this luminaire is a notable consequence of using a UV stabilized high quality polycarbonate diffuser with a smooth finish on the outer surface that prevents the accumulation of dust.
MAGNOLIA is offered with powder coated sturdy high pressure die-cast aluminum body and canopy in white or black with polycarbonate lens and diffuser, available with driver on board (DOB) LED modules in two different color temperatures (CCT), 4000K or 6500K. MAGNOLIA can be mounted on light poles with an outer diameter of 60mm.
All MAGNOLIA versions