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NEPTUNE bulkhead luminaire is designed for lighting corridors, parking lots, building entrances and public commute spaces. NEPTUNE’s built-in microwave motion sensor eliminates the need for manual switching. Light will be turned on upon detecting a presence within an approximately 7-meter radius of the luminaire, for a specified period of time according to the sensor settings (5 seconds, 30 seconds, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes). No manual switching, especially in public environments, is better in terms of hygiene. Also, keeping the light on, only when needed, can help increase luminaire lifetime while saving energy. With an ingress protection rated at IP65, NEPTUNE can be used in indoor or canopied outdoor areas while a variety of CCT choices make it an eligible option for almost any type of application.
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HONEY is a spot light that boasts both a minimal design and an excellent performance. The absence of any visible heat sink and separate driver-box makes it possible to accomplish spotlighting tasks in commercial and office buildings more elegantly and more discretely.
Specially designed housing and a high transmittance polycarbonate lens allow for easy adjustment of spot-light direction. Various CCTs and body colors and introduction of three-phase and single-phase models, make HONEY a viable option within various office and retail contexts and lighting scenarios.
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OPTiLED redefines "beauty in simplicity". Recessed, surface mount or suspended installation capability, enables designers to provide fitting solutions for different lighting tasks in various applications and spaces with different dimensions and architecture. Implementing backlight linear LED modules with clear acrylic lenses in OPTiLED, makes it possible to provide a balanced and uniform ambient illumination.
The use of separate lenses on each chip has not only helped maintain a uniform luminosity over the surface of the diffuser, but also made it possible to reduce the height of the luminaire and thus, OPTiLED with its modern and elegant design, has become a distinguished product among its peers.
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Rated at IP65, UNiLITE is among the very pioneers in linear High-bay lighting. Boasting durable lighting and electrical equipments, a sturdy housing made of extruded aluminum profile and a tempered clear glass diffuser, UNiLITE has been designed to withstand harsh industrial environments.
UNiLITE is offered with a range of optical options and lumen packages that enable it to be deployed in various industrial lighting scenarios while its linear shape allows for the lighting design to be done with greater ease in applications such as production and assembly lines, industrial halls, etc.
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MAGNOLIA is a minimally designed park light with a familiar and eye catching classic look. MAGNOLIA’s aesthetic minimal design along with its optical characteristics such as higher than 80 color rendering index (CRI) and flicker-free lighting, provide new opportunities for lighting designers to meet the lighting requirements of a specific project in various outdoor and park light applications such as parks, plazas, pedestrian pathways, etc. The significant reduction in the weight of this luminaire is a notable consequence of using a UV stabilized high quality polycarbonate diffuser with a smooth finish on the outer surface that prevents the accumulation of dust.
MAGNOLIA is offered with powder coated sturdy high pressure die-cast aluminum body and canopy in white or black with polycarbonate lens and diffuser, available with driver on board (DOB) LED modules in two different color temperatures (CCT), 4000K or 6500K. MAGNOLIA can be mounted on light poles with an outer diameter of 60mm.
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LEDiLUX edge-lit LED panel follows LEDiUM edge-lit LED panel path of success, more elegantly and efficiently. By making the most out of the aluminum rims, linear edge light LED modules and professional LED drivers, LEDiLUX LED panel operates efficiently (as high as 155 lm/watt) while having a very slim housing (12 milimeters) and eliminating all obstructive light.
LEDiLUX low-UGR panels control glare by limiting light to beam angles less than 60 degrees and are best suited for applications like design rooms where glare control is of prime importance.
LEDiLUX family is offered in 60*60 and 30*120 sizes and can be installed as recessed, surface mount and suspended and can fulfill different lighting tasks in various office and commercial applications.
Recessed Surface Suspended

Park Light Pole

Aluminum Park Light Pole is Megalite state of the art design suitable for installing park lights in areas such as parks, pedestrian pathways, private property, etc under different weather conditions. Aesthetically designed, access to electrical compartment panel, various height options, high durability in different weather conditions, and easy installation are among the highlights of this light pole.
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INFINITY-DS Shallow Recessed Continuous Light Bar

INFINITY-DS shallow recessed continuous light bar is designed and developed by Megalite for continuous light bar applications with limited space behind the false ceiling.
Short luminaire height, uniform light distribution, energy saving, glare control, and aesthetically beautiful design with unparalleled performance are among the highlights of INFINITY-DS.
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HALLEY Urban Light

HALLEY urban light is designed and manufactured by Megalite for urban lighting application. High pressure die-cast aluminum body, direct mounting on horizontal poles without brackets, aerodynamic design, excellent heat exchange for maximized LED life expectancy, high ingress protection (IP65), and low energy consumption are among the highlights of this luminaire.
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ARIANA Surface Mount Round Downlight

ARIANA surface mount round downlight luminaire is designed and manufactured by Megalite in various sizes suitable for modern office and commercial lighting applications. Aesthetically beautiful design, durability, UV free, energy saving, environment friendliness, and higher than 80 color rendering index (CRI) are among the highlights of this luminaire.
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POLARIS Floodlight

POLARIS floodlight is designed and manufactured by Megalite for outdoor and indoor floodlight applications. Durability, high ingress protection (IP65), and low energy consumption are among the highlights of this luminaire.
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