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Introduction to Megalite

Megalite, as one of the pioneer luminaire manufacturers in the region, have become the leading force in providing state of the art lighting solutions for various lighting applications worldwide for over three decades.

Megalite Technical Capabilities:

The highly experienced team of engineers and technicians at Megalite utilize the modern facilities equipped with state of the art CNC machines and the latest software to design and develop very efficient and durable tooling for production of luminaries suitable for various lighting applications. Megalite R&D department is well equipped with the necessary testing equipment for light distribution measurements, electrical and electronic tests, durability test, impact resistance test, plastic aging and glow wire tests, temperature / humidity / UV resistance tests, MCV test, etc to develop and / or re-engineer innovative and state of the art luminaries. We aim to maintain our leadership position in the lighting industry. The capable and highly professional R&D team at Megalite maintain high control on all the necessary type tests.

Megalite Quality:

Megalite is highly committed and devoted to total quality management thus achieving customer success. The quality assurance and quality control team at Megalite perform various periodic management audits as well as routine tests stipulated by IEC 598. Running SPC in each production line result in minimizing scrap and competitive prices to ensure very high consistency in all Megalite products.

Megalite Product Range:

  • Commercial Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting

Megalite Advantages:

  • High Quality
  • Superior Aesthetics
  • Price Competitiveness
  • Quick Delivery
  • Stock Simplifying Solutions
  • Customer Success